Life with broken heart

Wake up with that feeling of wanting to cry you no there no point but this pain is pain that can’t be fixed. You feel like teenager again but one big difference your a grown up and have child or children in middle of it. You think Iv tried to cry it out but never seems to work and i need to get over it.I thought for a moment I was I love again but it was to real I was kidding my self and to many people got hurt in middle. Why did he not see right throw me, Iv tried couple of times since but can’t till got you out of my system. But can you ever get over some one you feel is your soul mate. No one knows Iv felt like this for years as Iv tried to put a show on and I think it’s worked. And point is even if I could get rid of this pain but could I ever fix the whole in my where he once was. I would do any thing to have him back i would go throw all the pain again asi never stopped loving him it hurt every time i spoke to him. I gave him everything my heart my soul but he never gave back in the end he stole my heart never gave it back. But still i would do it all over again the day he broke my heart i felt like i was going to die but still i would do it all over again. If i could handel it i would have him in my life as he could fall in love again but it hurts to much to just hear his voice. I dont know what to do as thought of him again makes me full of feelings that still now are confused love anger hurt and hate all in one bundle. I need to forget him get rid of all memories. And just move on for good but how can I ever love again as Iv got my two sons I’m so scared they would get hurt. How can I trust some one not to break the most amazing people in my life my most valuable gift in my life. How can I not be scared of them getting hurt you hear so many horror stories and Iv tried to date but found men want to be first and can’t get over fact that my children first. I wish it all was as easy as the films show it to be. You fall in love break up then fall in love with another happily ever after.


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