Big chocies

To much to young that’s what we all say but why are we as society not doing any thing about it. All I see around me is teens as young as 13 boasting about having sex. But is it something to boast about really about having given away part of your innocents and youth so freely. What are we doing so differently that it is over looked that are children are no longer children past the age of about ten. Children should be children society puts undue pressure on children to become adults make there life choices at 14 chose subjects you want to study in uk so you can plan your life. Well when I was 14 I chose subjects that were easy not that I would need. As I like many were not ready to grow up then. IM great full that my children don’t leave school till 18 but in away it be better if they had some thing like in America so children didn’t have to make a life choice as we say there not adults but were telling them to make a life choice how can you make a life choice without being a grown up. We tell them at 16 they can have sex but cants babysit over night ,but if they can have sex they can make a baby and if they have a baby then they don’t just babysit over night. I have seen parents laugh of the fact of there teens having sex I feel that we have become to relaxed when it comes to sex these days . Yes accepting that there is unmarried mums same sex couples and bisexuals ,transvestites . But when it comes to teens should we not allow them to be children still stop giving them huge responsibilities from young age then they may stay children longer and not rush big choices.


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