Romantic milestones

Aware romantic comedys making  expectations  of relationships Diffrent to what they should. Are they making us believe that if are relationships not follow the patten of most story lines then there not right. Many women I know  have refused to date a man because he’s not come in to there life’s when they just had a hard time. Or they fallen at second seen the relationship intensity and rollacoster of emotions and challenges if it’s safe it’s not right. If there not a “break up” then emotional make up then nothing o lead to happy ever arfter. Have we got so bad at letting things happen not having to be set rules to full is impossible. Are we that used to following mile stones that even are

relationships have to have set milestones many things in are life’s have set rules and milestones why do we put these rules and expectations on are self I don’t know don’t understand. Did they come from films or did we learn this from are parents. Or is it socitiys expectations that have made use set up a plan set of ruled milestones or what ever u wish to call them.


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