Have you ever just felt so empty and numb inside, but you still can still have to act like you did before as much as you can force yourself to. You talk to a select people around you those that you love and feel are not going to force you to open up as they know you’re hurting. You force yourself to go on each and everyday you get up. you may even wake up crying feeling lost alone and scared but because you have to carry on what other choice do you have?
You can’t break down or your whole world would fall apart and you have people that depend on you to be there they need you so much that you can’t just let your self hide away from the world as it would not work that way. Times that I wish I could just say do you realize what you do because you wanted to be selfish and you lied so much you hurt so many people I hope your happy now. I just want you to understand what your choices have do to others. When do people realize there choices effect so many not just there life and others it effects whole group of people. I wonder how he can’t be frozen as his soul must be ice cold not to feel what he’s done to many.i just don’t know any more


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