Christmas is coming.

This time of year is very romantic very snuggle under a blanket watch all the new tv series or new season of some shows. But its not just about that there the thoughts of family and being together . The joy of sharing one day together Christmas day putting and stupid fights and anger aside and being a family. And with having two young sons it is about what Santa(st Nicholas) and mummy has brought them. I always tell my oldest and now my youngest now one and half one think to let them know how lucky they are. So i tell them that Santa has set amount of money to buy a present and people can add to it or send present to Santa to bring you. And that why some children no matter how good they are don’t get as much as others. I hope it helps my sons understand that others are not as lucky as them. but what i have been doing is getting my sons to give a toy to charity for children don’t have any thing. as i want to teach them that giving is better then receiving. I wonder if others do same sort of things or if they do any thing diffrent.


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