why did it happen?

I got very mad when listening to a debate about the riots who to blame. At one point there sat there saying that with a nation of fatherless children that this was to be expected well what about all army children i grow up with my dad away  90 percent of my childhood iv never gone out and stolen i have always tried to be a good person yet iv not had a solid male all the time. what about world war two and one that didn’t breed a generations of law breakers. What about children whose dad died  dos that mean they are going to just become criminals no. I know people who raised in one parent family and dads who were the army lie my self and sister and none of them have been in jail. Is the government just looking for get out of jail free card or are my sons at risk of becoming just another statistic.  I don’t think they will iv done best i can to make sure that they have role models in uncle and granddad . 50 years ago many children did not  see there dads one day to next. And yet a lot of them have turned out fine so what has changed to make this happen. Are parents now to soft i worry that I’m to soft on my children. Do these children  believe that they have an  entitlement to have any thing they want,or is there a deeper reason to this. Is it that as nation we raised this  generation full of hate and anger.   I wish i could understand why this happened why these people did this so that i never make the mistakes these parents did.



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