i am not brave i’m just a mum

Some of you may not understand my view or feelings on this some of you may but fell I should let it go but I can not. I am so fed up with being called brave or amazing. I am none of those i have not been to war or ran into a burning building to save a baby.Just  because im in a wheelchair people view me as different. And of course because  of the wheel chair and my two wonderful boys then that just makes me amazing brave an example to other mothers but an example of what really?. I don’t mean this in a hate full way at all as i do understand that for many generations being a disabled mother was unheard of. And  disabled single mum was unthinkable but im here. I don’t hide the fact that yes i do get help  from family and friends but i try to do everything for my sons that i physically and safely achieve . Because i gave birth to them it should be me who cares for them in my view. Just like any mum which is why this point means so much to me.  You see for a very long time i have felt that when it comes to being a mummy going to any groups i have always been odd one out. Never fitting in as no one knows what to say or do when it comes to me. And all i want for my sons not as much me is for people to view me not my wheelchair to see me as me and to realize the only difference is i bring my seat to parties. Please if you see me at a baby group don’t say i am brave but you can say how amazing my boys are as i think they are as well. Just know that i understand why you say it but it just reminds me and my oldest how different people see us  when all kierren and i ask is to be treated like other families.


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