today i went with my mum dad and my two sons to do some shopping and it was going so well then we went to go get some shoes for my sons and hurdel number one came. An hour and a half waiting for my sons to get there feet measured i was very proud of my two little dudes waiting nicely not making a big fuss about it all or any thing just waited nicely and was very happy when it was oldest ones turn as he had biggest smile you ever did see and and loved being fussed over by the lady. And loved being able to chose his shoes . And when came to getting little ones feet measured he was not happy about having his feet held and mesured and when it was done we had hard time finding a style he could wear. And of course his brouther insisted on picking style and chose some so we survied that stressed grandad but two happy children then had lovely lunch and thought ok this is getting better then nightmare happend.

i decided to go into sports direct in reading now there should been no problem with this and normally would not. And when we got up to children s department it was all looking good so i thought great i get alot of what i wanted and was finding most then the moment that made are day little less happy happened.

The fire alram went of and the staff were running around unaware of what to do then we got to exit to find they had no way to get me out.

so after about ten mins of the staff not knowing what to do or were to go. Then saying for someone to go with my boys down stairs so i sent my dad down with the two boys. me and mum were up stairs waiting and knowing i would have one upset 5 year old and one confused baby. But one very brave little man who did not get scared when the staff did get scared. But rest of the day he was very quite and made it very hard to do any thing. How a store got away with this i do not know. My worst nightmare happened as i was left upstairs not knowing if my boys were ok and was not even told it was a practice. Just totally left in the dark on what was going on this really upset me as i was worried about how my boys were. Ok in the end it was all fine and the boys were ok but no one should be put throw that just for a fire practice.


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