pressure and disconnection in the community

An baby first reflex is to grab a hand to startle when shocked among other reflexes. Also to cry when they have a need that has not been meet or they are in pain or even lonely. there has also been noted that babys tend to turn more to a females voice then males this is belived to be a biological animal reflex which not been 100 percent proven as yet. a childs first instict at birth is to grab and hold tight and most mums is to hold tightly to there baby and promise them the world. I still want to hold on tightly to my son who is five and not let him go into the scary world. It hard when they start school and you have to intrust your child to someone you never meet dont know them and yet the most amazing thing in your life you are handing to them and hope they do no harm to it.  But there is a growing amount of women that have killed there children compared to years gone by.

The rise of post natal depression and puerperal psychosis is this to blame and the pressure of society and disconnected of family support we see more and more of lately. In the past children were raised among the community  and in the family the whole family helped out. yes it did have its down sides single parents were shunned if child was born out of wedlock or teenage mum. But in some ways this was good as meant men had to step up and be a dad and young girls were less likely to get pregnant at school age. But it also meant that there was always someone there to notice if you needed help and women would feel less disconnected from the world. At the moment i see so many women that when out and about are by them self when i talk to people about families often here mine don’t live near or i don’t talk to mine. We need to realize that when we bring children in to this world there not just part of us.They apart of are family And A part of the community . I believe in my heart this disconnection is part of the reason for the rise of post natal depression.  Also gives the older generation a purpose as less face it how many times do you see an old lady or man just looking lonely and lost. And so many of the older generation have a huge amount of information and tips on raising children yes some of which we cant use but some we can. And having them around also teach your children respect for elderly. And stops them feeling unwanted and forgotten. 


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