what to do what to do

Trying to work out what to do and realized what i should of done 3 years ago. I want to study again but i know the way life is at moment i cant. I wish i had while i was living at my mums and had kierren. Shame is with living here and not getting enough sleep means i cant and dont have help as close as i really do need. Now if i could move then i know i would be able to study again but i dont know what to do. As iv got children that are young and need extra help not as easy as most children. But i want to prove to my sons that i can do something with my life. there is so much that is stopping me but so much pushing me into doing it.   I dont know my mind is all over place with this i wish someone could just come along and give me the answers. do i go back to day classes and not home study which will take three times longer or do i just be a stay at home mummy or what. What should i do what should i do?


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