Reading friends status tonight got me thinking about people friendships and families.

Do we sometimes let friendships go to waste side by taking friends for granted and by leaving them a day two days a couple of weeks before contacting them then you suddenly realise that its been three or for months before you have contacted them and at that point they are mad as heck at you as you not called them sooner.

but is it that we let are busy lifes get in the way unlike when we never had a family to take care of but what happens when that family has grown up.

if we let are friendships go when are kids are no longer young and we have spare time we may not have friends to fill that time with.

we may become very lonely which is why now it is important to put the time in now with are friends and work hard at your friendships.

also when it comes to it even now you could need your friends at any point if things turn bad or just hard friends or family that are friends are what you need.

i think it might be time we all start slowing down and really looking at people in are life  and see what they do for us and who is really there for us and who is not.



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