I fed up of consetly being told that there is no housing sutible or its only for over 55s.

Im sorry but are we not entitled to have a home for my child, is my children not entitled to the same rights as other children with able body parents.

when it comes to bidding on homes for my family i am only able to bid on disabled places were the over 55s are able to bid on normal housing and the dissabled bungalows for over 55s how is this fair and places that are disabled friendly are priority disabled yes but open to all. so im stuck with only one place every six or so months to bid on. And two children that are not  getting enough sleep and my mum not as close as i need her. you get so many people who are getting put into disabled housing that do not need it then people like my self are left were we are with no hope of getting moved to were we need to be. It seems so unfair that i am restricted for no fault of my own surely there must be some legal grounds on this. as in reality each year by my mum helping me i am not depending on the care system to help with things i am unable to do safely my elf this is saving the services thousands but if she had no car then i would have then ask them for help as she be to far to help everyday so maybe to stop this happening they should ask for me to be moved closer but that reality would never happen.It seems like those whom in reality dont need the help are getting it those who do are being turned away there should be one rule for all why should it be that im unable to get a place that meets mine and my children’s needs because of my age.


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