Love has brought me many tears many times has felt to much but has always given me a lession or shown me true meaning of friendship.If it was not for love i would not have two very amazing little boys and be the person i am has at times given me a hard hand to handle but you know what i don’t care,i dont care what i have to deal with i will do it to be a good mum i will do it. iv had many times before becoming a mum that i could just walk away and not deal with things well now now i have to deal with things and at times its not been easy.But then when has life ever meant to be easy its has been a bit of a drama for me for many years and i dream of a quite life.I look at my wonderful baby’s sleeping and wonder if they understand how different they have it from other children there age and if they are going to resent me for what they have to live with. Iv always had dream of the normal family life with a mum and a dad normal house and children and just an everyday life. Reality has not yet given me that i hope one day that i might get a man come along that can give me and my boys the love we deserve.But to find love how many risks should you take how many times should you get your heart broken. And how many times should your children’s heart be broken.


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