Being a single parent is tuff at times but i class my self as selfish as i enjoy the fact that i get to have all the good times all the new things and all there achvients are theres and yours  or yours and theres which ever way applies at the time. but also all the choices are yours which can be very hard when it comes to difficult choices such as medical choices and educational. at moment tuff choices are having to be made like were do i live. where i am living at the moment has many down sides but asking council to re-home us is not working as it seems they have no subtable accommodation available for us to bid on. this leaves me choices of iva staying were i am or going on and finding a home to rent which then means i no longer be on the council list.

I’m not sure what choice to make ad what is best for us as at end of the day i want whats is best for my sons. and living were i do dos not seem at all safe for my kids. And now as they are getting older they need space to play to run to be free and at moment they not even got a shared garden. And on the weekends because we live in center of town we get drunks making lots of noise and that not fair and not right. what choice im going to make and how im going to make it i do not know if any one has advice on that i would be grateful.


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