Dating at any age is confusing messy emotional and risky.  But adding two little children in the mix and a disability and it becomes a whole new ball game believe me. I went out with friends one night when i only had my oldest child and a bloke started chating me up. Everything was going fine then i looked at the bloke said “do you realise im in a wheelchaire” he carmly replied “yes and that is fine” then i thought ok seems nice.We carried on talking then i noticed time and mentioned that i best get home as my sister is baby sitting young gentalman turned as with as my bed sheets and looked like i had said i had the black death. Later that night  got a text which was kind of a long then lines of dealing with your disability is hard enough but the fact of raising another mans child makes us being together impossible as i dont feel i could love another mans child. Honest at least but very hurtful towards my wonderful son and i never want any one to hurt my son.  See that is the other thing about dating you are not just putting your heart and soul on the line you are putting theres as well. Every risk you take you are taking it for them as well.  It is very scary thought they should do a hand book on dating as a single parent for dummies as we must of messed up once to be alone and raising are kid any way.

right of to bed i go night night


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