strange and wonderful life

life can be difficult when your a single disabled mum of two young boys.  there are times when i look at my wonderful boys and wonder how i managed to get two great kids. other times when my oldest son is running around driving me insane the youngest child is screaming and will not settle that i wonder how i last another second but then some how all of a sudden everything fulls into place. I am never sure how it fulls into place but it just dos. life can never be settled and peaceful as we have to do things different from other families we can totally plan a head we have to do things when we can and how ever we can because of my health which my oldest son has grown up with and got used to and that is how he has always know his life to be and got used to. i wonder what life would be like with  out the loud noise and unexpected events of days when mummy can do things and decides to suddenly do it.  i think for any man coming into a famile like mine would be a real shock for them as one they have to get used to my condition then they have to get used to the disorganised organised life style me and my sons live.

but also they have to get used to my closeness i have with my family my mum dad and sister see we have a real close familie.

my life is a case of my sons my mum dad and sister then my friends and i dont let many in.

me my mum and sister have always had each other my dad is ex army.

it has meant that my dad was attached to difrent regiments so we got used to moving on and losing friends till my teen age years but also in and out of hospital so i have got very used to depending on my parents and sister.

which makes me wonder if that has had an impact on my relationships as i dont turn to a partner when there a problem i turn to my mum or dad or even my sister. i think one day that my be a question for an ex now which one do i still talk to. i dont really know hmmmm.


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