OK so here we go

so thought i sure a bit about me with the world more then any thing this might help clear my thoughts and feelings

you know i have people saying sometimes oh must make life easier having your mum there to help you with the boys in the day time.

yes it is wonderful having her around in one way she dont help raise the boys she helps with things i cant do.

but do you know how hard it is having two mums daily around children you both love more then any thing gosh we clash or how to raise them sometimes

as nanny wants to be nanny and spoil her grandchildren but she sees her more then most grandparents which means she has more oppitunitys then other grandparents to spoil them.

it makes things like sometimes my oldest son will try playing nanny of against mummy but we know now.

even the baby has worked this out now mummy be busy cooking and leve him in his acctivety centre so as soon as he sees nanny he moan and put his srms up knowing nannny will give in.

but the very bog up side is not what you think not i can go out in day time without my kids as i dont do that very often only when nanny says go on  leave them with me for a bit.

the upside to nanny and nandaddy (what my oldest son calls his granddad) being around more then mos other children and also having a mummy in a wheelchair.

my son is not scared of  older generation  he has time for those older then his mummy.

he also has a vocalery and seems to understand complicated instructions better  then others his age but then you get little remarks from him like the  other day.

kierren had stayed at my mums for the night it had been and still was raining.

the car park is big and always get puddel in the middel deep meght for my two to swim in.

so my kierren looks at his nandad and says to nandad well i soppose i have to get wt now.

the little gems he comes out with  you never know wh at to do tell him of or laugh him  at him /with him.

all i know is i have two little boy that i was told i never have and they are the most amazing little guys in the world in my eyes.

i yet to find out what has planed for me but with my family friends and my son by my side i get throw any challenges face them head on and no that i always try and do the very best i can an.

and finely my youngest is asleep poor little chap is very ill so trip docs for us to check kai over



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